Online Course : ASP.NET CORE Web API + REACTJS (Part 1 + 2)

  • Course total hour: 110 hours
  • Course will be divided into two parts. Before Ramadan and After Ramadan
  • Before Ramadan will cover from 1.1 ASP.NET Core to the end of 2.1 ASP.NET Core
  • Course fee: 8000 (for 110 hours), One part 5000
  • Those who do both part: Before Ramadan part fee is 5000 and After Ramadan fee is another 3000
  • Those who do only first or only second, their part fee is 5000
  • Course duration month: 4 months (calculated by hours, not calendar months)
  • Part 1 (Before Ramadan) starts from 13 April 2018 and ends before Ramadan 2018
  • Part 2 (After Ramadan) starts after Eid-ul-Fitr 2018, date will declared later.
  • Week days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Time: Every class day from 9:00 pm to 11:20 pm (20 minutes break included)
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  • For latest and updated information, please visit

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If you have problem in reading the below table, please check image at the end of the page.

Level Name Topics Feature details Hour (approx.) Total
Level 1 : Intros
1.1 ASP.NET Core ASP.NET Core What is it and Why it is being developed 2
WEB API What is it and Why it is being developed 2
Project create Discuss different project creation options and their pros and cons 2
Web Api Project Startup configuration 3
Dependency Injection and Logging What is it and Why it is being developed 2
Add a Controller Create a controller and discuss its parts 3
Postman Test the controller using postman 1
1.2 ReactJS NodeJS What is it and Why it is being developed 3
Babel What is it and Why it is being developed 1
Create-React-App What is it and Why it is being developed 2
Starting with ReactJS Create-react-app dissecting and modifying 3
Components Create components and add functionalities (show a list of students) 3
Axios HTTP Request to the ASP.NET Core Web API Controller we made earlier 3
1.3 Integration ASP.NET In memory list Expose the list through the api controller 2
React App Call CRUD api and show data (in a single component / page) 2
Level 2 : Mature
2.1 ASP.NET Core Entity Framework Core What is it and Why it is being developed 2
Configure in ASP.NET Core How to use it in ASP.NET Core project 2
Design the system model Analysis initial project scope and design the database and models 4
Add controllers for models Add scaffolded controllers (no use of repository pattern) 4
2.2 ReactJS Routing How to use the routing in react app 2
Route Implement routing in app 4
Design the client side architecture Analysis initial project scope and design the client’s file architecture 6
HTTP Requests Design the file architecture for http requests for all of the server models 4
2.3 Integration Integrate server with client features Complete all the  model’s crud and test the whole system 8
Level 3 : Auth
3.1 ASP.NET Core OAuth Oauth, Jwt Token, Auth0, AaaS 4
Startup Configuration Configure jwt authentication for the project 4
Controller Register, Login 4
3.2 ReactJS Routing Auth and role based routing implementation 4
Login & Register Develop login and registration features 4
3.3 Integration Implement complete auth Implement registration and signin with the newly registrated users. Test with allowed pages with roles 6
Level 4: Conclusion Deployment Deployment considerations 2
Cloud Hosting Cloud introduction and hosting opportunities (AWS, Azure etc. ) 2
Extra time extratime required during course 4
Completion Completion discussion and where to go next 2
Total       110


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