The role of Cloud Specialist

Why should you start learning (and practicing) cloud solutions? Let me try to share my thoughts with you.

Cloud computation is growing

The most important fact is, cloud adoption is growing significantly everyday.
The widespread adoption of cloud technology has transformed the way businesses host and access infrastructure and created an industry predicted to be worth £189bn by 2020.  [Source]

 Lack of specialists

But, people who are planning to move to cloud, after taking the decision, don’t know what service to should they chose from which vendor. Most of them don’t know what plan (package or price) should be enough for their unique need. A good architecture of the solution should be, they neither should expense more than they need, nor the system should face slow performance for purchasing under valued resources. So this decision is tough, and only a cloud specialist can give the optimum solution of the particular unique need of the client.
So, as more the companies adopting the cloud, the more opportunity is increased for cloud experts. Job opportunity and salary ratio should be a lot higher because of the scarcity of the human resource. Early learners will get huge benefit and salary when the cloud wave arrives into our own country. 

Resource costing example scenario

You may ask, what’s the benefit of the company owner to hire a Azure Specialist Consultant? Let’s try to break the cost.
Suppose, a server of 1 core and 2 GB ram costs $25 USD. But a VM not only serves the application, but also it manages the whole operating system and a lot of other background services. So, the server can’t give its full resource to the hosted application.
On the other hand, suppose a managed application hosting service (AWS Beanstalk / Azure App Service etc.) of the same configuration (1 core and 2 GB ram) costs $30 USD. But since it is managed, the hosted application can utilize the full resource from the configuration it is given. So, the performance will be much higher than hosting into a Virtual Machine.
Beside costing, there are a lot of other factors like Scaling, Managing etc. should be considered when a cloud resource is purchased.
These decisions are so unique, that these can’t be Googled for the unique problem set. Here the cloud specialist’s role come into play. He can orchestrate the whole thing (even choosing the application stack) so that the client rip the maximum benefit from the cloud services.

 Job trends

   Source: Indeed
So, we can assume and expect, learning (or getting a certification) about Cloud solutions will be highly beneficiary in our future career path.
I have been working for more than two years on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS for different clients and projects. 
As a company owner, you may ask me, “Why should I use someone else’s infrastructure when I own a fully functional IT Team? “
I hear this question a lot. Let’s discuss this in another post, if Allah wills.
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